Taking leap of the faith

The Soul Creation wasn’t founded by someone who is traditionally trained as an artist, but by someone who loves colours, shapes, and nature, by someone who’s fascinated by the mystical world, the world beyond human existence, who believes in the connection between creativity and the soul, someone who graduated from a major in mathematics & finance and trained at Stanford’s Business Executive program.

My friends call me CiciZ - Cecilia Zheng
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Through art I discovered my creative process. A powerful tool connecting me to my inner self, that reflects the thoughts and emotions deep down within me.

Love, joy ,passion, pain, suffering and hope, creating shapes and colors on the canvas, transcending my pain and fears connecting me to the higher realm, a place of peace and stillness healing the wounds in my heart and bringing a new prospect into life. I also like to present my spiritual learning and ancient wisdom through my art, share my knowledge with the viewers.

Through my spiritual and meditation practice, I learned colours have frequency, each has its own vibration and they all have individual characteristics. Colours play key role in my creation process, sometimes I can feel them trying to talk to me.

My inquisitive nature leads me to explore and see the world. I love being in the nature, discovering new country, and learning different culture, capture each beautiful moments from my journey and creating images that come from my heart and soul. Those images brought me joy and memories back each time I look at them, and I hope will do the same for the viewers!