Confession: The Soul Creation isn’t my first leap of faith.

Two decades ago, after saying goodbye to all my family and friends back home, seventeen-year-old me with little knowledge of English boarded a flight from Beijing to London to begin a new life as a student in the UK.

I was alone.

It wasn’t easy, but with hard work and doing my best, I completed two degrees in the UK and started to work in finance.

My life seemed perfect — from the outside. I had a great job in London’s Mayfair, but, after all the years of study and hardworking, a voice inside of me, at first little more than a whisper, kept saying, you’ve got so much to offer, where is your childhood passion? What’s your purpose in this life?

The voice got louder.

Since I was seven, I was trained as a ballet dancer, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed making beautiful things and performing.

At night, when I was young, looking at the wall next to my bed, a gallery of my own art/drawing, handcrafted — beauty from the chaos of the mind.

Working in London, I realised I was losing the creativity inside of me. I needed to explore…

In 2012, I took my second leap, resigning from my job I reconnected with my true self, rediscovering my creativity and spirituality, and while travelling, I trained as a stylist consultant, a reiki healer, and I learned about colour psychology, art criticism and musical theatre, and of expression through the body.

Grounded and immersed in the arts, I had no idea how to use what I was learning, so with no dramatic insight to guide me in my new life, I came back to the financial world.

I didn’t know it then, but my guide and catalyst were on their way to find me, a journey that would take a few more years.

In 2015, an unexpected encounter led me to join a mediation group. Meditating and studying the teachings of ancient and modern philosophy, I was drawing closer to spirituality.

As I continued on my spiritual journey, the creative fire within me began to flourish, reconnecting with my soul through cosmic creativity.

In 2017, for the first time since I was a child, I picked up a paintbrush. Reunited with my childhood passions, energy, inspiration, and love transmuted into colours and shapes, which the universe is about, began to express through me.

I found peace and healing from this creative process.

Summer 2019: Last day at Stanford. We had been asked to write a few sentences as a leader.

A wave of emotions washed over me after finishing my answer. Looking at the words, stunned by the authentic truths, by my own belief — I have so much love, compassion and inspiration to offer to this world, but overwhelmed and disappointed/frustrated by the fact I haven’t done enough to be who I truly am, to do my duty in this world, and no one, it seems, can see it.

From that moment, I decided to lead a more purposeful and concise life.

In the following months, I joined two non-profit educational organisations as a board member and became certified as a Master of Wisdom and Meditation teacher with Davidji.

The Buddha said, “just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again.”

Life’s purpose is to offer the world light, beauty, love, and harmony by creating different forms of art, raising conciseness levels, and empowering and inspiring others.

I was holding back from the real authentic me for years, the person I really am and the life I want.

This time, I jumped - the third leap of faith, and The Soul Creation was born.